Patient Participation Group

Thank you for your interest in helping be part of St. Neots Patient Group. We hope that it will help to enhance the two way communication between St. Neots and its patient population. We have already managed to complete a successful survey last year, and have several exciting plans to implement and we would very much welcome your input in shaping the future of the surgery.

If you are able to attend face to face meetings, they are held at the surgery at 18:15 and are not held any more frequently than every 6 weeks on average. This strikes a good balance between being frequent enough to move things forward while not being too time-consuming. If a member is unable to attend a particular meeting they can be kept in the loop for example through the e-mailing of an agenda prior to the meeting and the minutes of the meeting afterwards. Once agreed on and made anonymous the minutes will be published on this website for viewing.

The group is designed to be patient-led and as representative of the practice population as possible. We would therefore particularly welcome interest from

  • Patients that may be keen in chairing meetings.
  • Patients that could take the role of group secretary, recording the minutes of the meetings.
  • Patients that could represent hard-to reach patients that may find it difficult to make their voice heard e.g. care home residents, patients with chronic mental health problems or patients without English as their first language.

To attend meetings there is no longer any need to fill in an application form. Simply leave a message at reception for Dr. William Davies (GP) or Michelle Braddon (Advanced Healthcare Assistant) responsible for liaising with the patient group expressing your interest and we will respond promptly.

“Try out”- If you wish to ‘try out’ a meeting in advance that is most welcome too. Our next patient group meeting is on TBA. You are most welcome to come along!

If you are happy for us to contact you occasionally by email, complete our Patient Participation Group Registration form.